About Us

It’s a small attempt to provide the facilities and concepts to the children of class 9th to 12th .

Goswami Coaching Centre was conceived after long thought and discourses with the educated elite of the society. It is an effort in earnest to provide complete and healthy all-round education at affordable prices. Our Endeavour is to inculcate in today's youth knowledge and character and thus to contribute towards building a better society, nestled in the pristine and pollution free area of Rajgarh and Zoo Tiniali link road. The centre is staffed with experience and dedicated teachers. We covered almost all major subjects of Class 9th to 12th. Concepts and ideas we convey to students helps them for better understanding, we not only prepare a student for Boards exam but also they can easily crack any kind of examination in their further life.



Mission and Vision

  • To provide education and better ideas in affordable price.
  • To help students to develop their potential and skills.
  • To provide an environment and method that makes learning happy and understanding.
  • To help students with advanced methods and concepts for getting high score in Board Exams.